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Multigrain Atta: Thalipeeth Bhajani (500g/1kg)Multigrain Atta: Thalipeeth Bhajani (500g/1kg)
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Ragi Millet Laddu (350g/700g)Ragi Millet Laddu (350g/700g)
Ragi Millet Laddu (350g/700g) Sale priceFrom ₹ 450
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Omega 3-rich Flaxseed Chutney (200g/600g)Omega 3-rich Flaxseed Chutney (200g/600g)
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Healthy Red Rice Poha (250g/750g)Healthy Red Rice Poha - 250g Aazol
Healthy Red Rice Poha (250g/750g) Sale priceFrom ₹ 215
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Low Gluten Khapli Atta: Emmer Wheat Flour (2kg/5kg)Low Gluten Khapli Atta: Emmer Wheat Flour (2kg/5kg)
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Traditional Cereal: Bhardi (250g/1kg)Traditional Cereal: Bhardi (250g/1kg)
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Unpolished Indrayani Rice (1kg/5kg)Unpolished Indrayani Rice (1kg/5kg)
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Jumbo Black Raisins: Nashik's Seedless Kismis (250g/1kg)Jumbo Black Raisins: Nashik's Seedless Kismis (250g/1kg)

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Eating healthy doesn't have to be boring! Three yummy foods that are not only tasty but also good for your health are Khapli Flour, Red Rice Poha and Unpolished Indrayani Rice. Let's find out why including these in your meals is a smart choice for a happy and healthy tummy.

Khapli Flour: A super grain for your tummy: Khapli Flour comes from an ancient grain called Khapli or Emmer wheat. It's filled with fibre, which is like a superhero for your tummy. Fibre helps you digest food better, keeps you feeling full and helps control your blood sugar. Choosing Khapli Flour as a tasty way to make your tummy happy and healthy!

Red Rice Poha: Your quick and nutritious breakfast buddy: Red Rice Poha is like magic for breakfast! It's made from red rice and is super quick to prepare. The best part? It has lots of fibre. Fibre makes sure you don't feel hungry too quickly and keeps your tummy happy. So, starting your day with Red Rice Poha is not just tasty but also a smart way to get more fibre.

Unpolished Indrayani Rice: The goodness of nature in every bite: Unpolished Indrayani Rice is not your usual rice; it's special because it has a lot of fibre. Fibre is like a friend that keeps your tummy feeling good and light at the same time. When you choose Indrayani Rice, you're not just getting a tasty rice variation; you're also giving your tummy the fibre it loves.

Why choose these tasty and healthy Fibre-Rich foods?

  • Happy Tummy: These foods have something called fibre that keeps your tummy feeling good and helps with digestion.
  • Staying Full Longer: Eating Khapli Flour, Red Rice Poha and Indrayani Rice helps you feel full for a longer time, so you don't get hungry too quickly.
  • Good for Blood Sugar: Fibre in these foods helps control your blood sugar, which is great for staying energetic throughout the day.
  • Lots of Good Nutrients: These foods not only taste good but also have other important things your body needs to stay healthy.