Where can I get good quality spices in India?

    India is known as the land of spices. And getting good quality spice is not that difficult. When you are looking for a region-specific homemade masala from Maharashtra, Aazol becomes your best bet. All the masalas here are hand-pounded and made using only local ingredients. These Maharashtrian masalas form the crux of Maharashtrian cuisine.

    What is a popular spice mix in Maharashtra?

    Maharashtrian love their masalas or spice mixes. Hence every region has its variation of homemade masala. The traditional Maharashtrian food is flavourful and well-spiced thanks to these masalas. You can check the mildly spiced Kala, Ghoda or Bottle masala or pungent and spicy Agri, Malvani and Ghaati Masala.

    Which masala is best for daily use?

    All Maharashtrian masalas are ideal for your day-to-day use. You can use the ghoda masala for making sabzi or curry. You can also use firey Malvani masala, the coastal chicken masala, for seafood dishes. Or the Koli masala for seafood delicacies that are a riot of flavours.

    Which masala is best for Curry?

    The authentic Bottle masala, indigenous to East Indian communities, is used for a simple potato bhaji and a delicious chicken curry. We find it one of the best masalas for making a well-rounded curry. You can also check spicy Ghaati masala.

    What is the regional masala of Maharashtra?

    Every region in Maharashtra has a speciality masala. The Konkan region has three masalas specific to the communitied living there: Koli masala, Agri masala and Malvani masala. These masalas are named after the communities they come from. Similarly Kala masala comes from the Khandesh region and is known as the garam masala of Maharashtra.

    Aazol's Authentic Traditional and Handmade Masalas

    Indian masalas are at the crux of every Indian household and the central pillar of all our cooking. We cannot, in fact we do not leave our homes for travels far and wide without our precious Masala box or Masale ka Dabba.

    And each year during summertime diligently, we gather fresh ingredients to dry on our terraces or courtyards or tiny balconies, with women busily searching the marketplaces or even making special trips to their villages to find the best quality whole spic; sun drying the same and dividing them as per their requirements to grind them into spice blends or masalas. However, increasingly in the hurly burly of our busy lives we rarely have the time or space to indulge in this activity any longer. If we could have our wish, we would love to buy freshly grounded authentic masalas made most traditionally if only we could find the ones that tasted just like home. This is where Aazol comes to your assistance. 

    We have sourced the most traditional and authentic Maharashtrian masalas from the state’s interiors and brought them for you to use for your daily cooking. Check the locally sourced traditionally made masala from Aazol. 

    Kala Masala: Maharashtra’s Special Garam Masala

    The smokey Khandeshi Kala masala has a burnished brown-black colour since all the spices used are slowly and deeply roasted. Kala masala is known as Maharashtra's original garam masala. It comes from the Khandesh region of Maharashtra in the northwest. Adding clove and cinnamon to this masala also gives it a dark hue. We source our Kala Masala from a women-run SHG based out of Pune. You can use it for –

    •       Shev Bhaji
    •       Mutton Rasa
    •       Amti (spiced dal)
    •       Rassa (curry)

    Goda Masala : Fragrant Vegetarian Masala

    The Maharashtrian Goda masala is one of the most famous masalas known outside of the state. Goda means sweet, and the Goda masala is known for its sweet aftertaste. It is used predominantly for vegetarian dishes. The traditional spice is used by Puneri Brahmin, especially while cooking without onion or garlic. An essential spice that adds a unique flavour to this masala is dagad phool or stone flower. We source our vegetarian masala from a women-run SHG based out of Pune. You can use it for

    •       Matki chi Usal
    •       Bharli Vangi
    •       Amti (spiced dal)
    •       Masale Bhat

    Koli Masala : Sea food Masala

    Typically, people will wonder how they can buy Koli masala online. Aazol's Koli masala comes from one of the members of the original Mumbai-based community. This ancestral recipe is made with 27 whole spices. This secret seafood masala is a must-try for all seafood lovers. This homemade masala is hand-pounded, preservative free and has no added colour. Try creating a fusion recipe with meat or veggies for this masala. You can use it for 

    •       Bambooke Bombil (Bombil fish curry)
    •       Pochacha Kanji (Prawn Curry)
    •       Kala Mutton
    •       Barleli Chimbori (Stuffed Crabs)

    Bottle Masala: Premium East Indian Masala

    Aazol’s famed East Indian bottle masala is made with 28 spices with an absolute secret blend. It is hand pounded and made in small batches to retain freshness. East Indians are residents of Greater Mumbai and the North Konkan region of Maharashtra, a small community that embraces their mixed Marathi – Portuguese heritage. Aazol's bottle masala is sourced from an East Indian lady who is proud of her heritage and tradition and an extremely talented cook. This homemade Indian masala is stored in darkened beer bottles so that the colour is maintained. You can use it for

    •       Chicken Khuddi Curry
    •       A simple potato bhaji
    •       East Indian Pork Sarpatel
    •       Mutton Lonvas

    Malvani Masala: Coastal Chicken Masala

    On the Konkan Coast of Maharashtra, there is a region called Malvan, which is as famous as the Sindhudurg fort built there by Chatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. The malvani masala is considered one of the best chicken masalas from Maharashtra. The Malvani ingredients make it both spicy and peppery, which makes this chicken masala great for traditional dishes and fusion food. Aazol's Malvani masala comes from a Sindhudurg-based collective of entrepreneurial female farmers. You can use it for

    •       Kombdi Vade(Chicken Curry with fried puri)
    •       Kaka Vatanyacha Smabhar(Black pea stew)
    •       Chicken Sagoti
    •       Dry Potato Sabzi

    Ghaati Masala: Spicy Vegeterian Masala

    The Ghaati masala is an authentic red chilli-based spice blend from Maharashtra's Western ghats or Sahayadris. It is a universal homemade maharashtrian masala used for vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooking and can easily replace your dull, plain red chilli powder at home. Its earthy, spicy flavour makes it ideal for everyday home cooking. Aazol's Ghaati masala comes from our SHG in Pune. You can use it for

    •       Gavran Kombdi Rassa(Village style chicken curry)
    •       Gavran Matkiche Kalvan(Village style matki sabzi)
    •       Sukka Chicken
    •       Shevagyachya Shengachi Amti (Drumstick Curry)

    Agri Masala: Fiery Seafood Masala

    The Agri community is known for being an enterprising community known to be grocery store owners for staples like fish, salt and coconut. Add to these staples the fiery Agri masala, which the community uses for all its seafood preparations. This masala makes any curry spicy and extremely flavourful due to 20 plus spices used for this blend. This seafood masala is sourced from a Konkan food specialty SHG. You can use it for

    • Bharlela Bangda(Mackrel)
    • Javlachi Wadi(Shrimp)
    • Bombil Curry

    Aazol's Masalas at Glance

    Kala Masala: Maharashtra’s Special Garam Masala Rs.195/-
    Goda Masala: Fragrant Vegetarian Masala Rs.195/-
    Koli Masala: Seafood Masala Rs.215/-
    Bottle Masala: Premium East Indian Masala Rs.375/-
    Ghati Masala: Spicy Vegetarian Masala Rs.195/-
    Agri Masala: Fiery Seafood Masala Rs.215/-
    Malvani Masala: Coastal Chicken Masala Rs.180/-
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