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Unpolished Indrayani Rice (1kg/5kg)Unpolished Indrayani Rice (1kg/5kg)
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Mahua Laddu: Forest Flower and Jaggery Nutri Ball (250g/750g)Mahua Laddu: Forest Flower and Jaggery Nutri Ball (250g/750g)
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Multigrain Atta: Thalipeeth Bhajani (500g/1kg)Multigrain Atta: Thalipeeth Bhajani (500g/1kg)
Kala Masala: Premium All-purpose Masala - 100gKala Masala: Maharashtras Special Garam Masala - 100g Aazol
Chicken Masala: Malvani Masala - 100gMalvani Masala: Coastal Chicken Masala - 100g Aazol
Protein-rich Horse Gram Flour: Kulith Peeth - 500gHorsegram Flour: Protein-rich Superfood - 500g Aazol

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Indulge your senses in the enchanting aroma of our unpolished Indrayani rice, a fragrant delight that adds a wholesome touch to your meals. Explore the tempting Mahua Ladoo, where the sweet fragrance of Mahua blossoms enhances the richness of this traditional sweet.

Experience the aromatic essence of our Thalipeeth flour, a blend of authentic ingredients that brings a delightful fragrance to your kitchen. Dive into the bold and captivating scent of Kala Masala, an exquisite spice blend that elevates the flavour of your dishes.

For a culinary adventure, savour the aromatic allure of Malvani Chicken Masala, a perfect blend of spices that transforms your chicken preparations into a sensory delight. Lastly, embrace the inviting fragrance of Horse Gram flour, adding a distinctive touch to your recipes with its unique and earthy aroma.

Immerse yourself in the world of captivating aromas as you explore the diverse range of flavours offered by our exceptional products.


Is Thalipeeth more nourishing?

Yes, Thalipeeth is considered to be better than bajra bhakri (or Bajra roti) and jowar roti. It's made from a mix of different grains, spices, and veggies, making it healthier because it has the goodness of various flours and vegetables all in one.

What does unpolished rice look like?

Unpolished rice, like brown rice, retains its bran and germ layers, imparting a tan or brown colour. It has a chewier texture and nuttier flavour compared to white rice, which is stripped of these layers during the polishing process.