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Pure Kokum Extract: Kokum Agal (250ml/500ml/1L/3L)Pure Kokum Extract: Kokum Agal (250ml/500ml/1L/3L)
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Amla Gulkand: Vitamin C-rich Cooling Digestive (200g/400g)Amla Gulkand: Vitamin C-rich Cooling Digestive (200g/400g)
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Liquid Jaggery: Kaakvi (300ml/500ml)Liquid Jaggery: Kaakvi (300ml/500ml)
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Traditional Cereal: Bhardi (250g/1kg)Traditional Cereal: Bhardi (250g/1kg)
Easy Raita Mix: Poha Dangar - 250gPoha Dangar: Raita Mix - 250g Aazol
Protein-rich Horse Gram Flour: Kulith Peeth - 500gHorsegram Flour: Protein-rich Superfood - 500g Aazol
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Kokum Sherbet Combo - Kokum Agal 500ml + Kaakvi [Liquid Jaggery] 500mlKokum Sherbet Combo - Kokum Agal 500ml + Kaakvi [Liquid Jaggery] 500ml
Konkani Kokum Chutney - 200gKonkani Kokum Chutney - 200g

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Rediscover Culinary Heritage with our Traditional Specialties. We invite you to take a step back in time and savour the flavours of bygone eras with our exquisite collection of traditional foods. We're dedicated to preserving ancient recipes and delivering authentic Maharashtrian foods that pay homage to culinary traditions while prioritising health and purity.

What sets our traditional specialties apart is our unwavering commitment to providing preservative-free foods. We believe in offering you foods with no artificial sugars and other harmful additives, ensuring that you enjoy the benefits of wholesome, healthy Indian food.

Our organic products provide you with the nutrition and authenticity that have been cherished over centuries. Use these staples to make delicious meal but also healthy Indian dishes, as traditional products have long been celebrated for their balance of nutrition and taste.

Aazol's Traditional Specialties contain:

Embrace the health and heritage that our traditional specialties bring to your table, all conveniently available at


What natural sweetener do you provide?

Aazol's Kaakvi Liquid Jaggery is more than just a natural sweetener; it's a wholesome choice for adding sweetness to your culinary creations. As the least processed form of sugarcane, it's a healthier alternative to refined sugars, loaded with natural nutrients and a rich, caramel-like flavour. Its versatility in both sweet and savoury dishes makes it a fantastic addition to your pantry, providing not only a delightful taste but also a health-conscious way to satisfy your sweet cravings.

Can you suggest an easy to digest dish?

Aazol's Bhardi is a meticulously crafted blend, thoughtfully combining a medley of dals, nuts, cereals, seeds, and dry fruits to create a powerhouse of nutrients. Not only does it offer a diverse and satisfying taste, but it's also incredibly easy on your digestive system, ensuring that you receive a burst of energy and nourishment with every bite.

Can I ever replace tamarind?

Aazol's Kokum Agal is an excellent alternative to tamarind, offering a similar tangy flavour profile. It's a versatile ingredient that can be used in various recipes, providing a delightful twist and enhancing the taste of your dishes without the need for tamarind. Whether in soups, curries or chutneys, Aazol's Kokum Agal adds a unique and refreshing touch to your culinary creations.