Food sustains us, but it is also the strongest cultural bond known to mankind. From cavemen and women, to explorers traveling to new regions and territories, people bonded around the campfire and the food that was cooked there. As they evolved from hunters to gatherers and foragers, their specific food habits started developing and maturing. The foods we eat today connect us to our traditions and our roots. They evoke strong memories of childhood and provide us with comfort. They take us back to the memory of long summer holidays when Aaji and Aai used to cook our favourite snacks, and we would munch on them all day. Some special sweets remind us of feasts at festivals spent in the company of friends and family.

We live in busy times, though. While we may crave traditional Indian food, we may not be able to take time off to get down to making them. Fortunately for us, we also live in times when local communities are helping fulfill our craving for homemade foods by going back in their past and creating food products based on ancient recipes and wisdom.

We at Aazol work with some extraordinary and remarkable women from across the state who bring authentic dishes straight to your doorstep. Considering the rising emphasis on indigenous, high-quality ingredients and hygienic processes, it is now possible for you to order your favourite homemade food online and get them at your doorstep. Here are some must-have traditional foods.

Dink Ladoo

Dink Ladoo

Dink ladoo is an all-time favourite homemade snack. Made from natural, edible tree gum or gondh, spices, ghee, crunchy nuts, and seeds, this is a high-energy snack loved by children and adults alike. Dink ladoo is a high-energy superfood that is also a guilt-free snack that you can munch on any time of the day. It is traditionally a sweet given to new mothers to help them recuperate from the arduous  process of childbirth.

Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki


Energy bars are the new favourites, they say. But nothing quite compares to the soft and crumbly soft coconut jaggery chikki that our Aai used to make. The mineral-rich liquid jaggery makes it the perfect energy bar and comfort food, and the crumbly texture makes it irresistible.

Mahua Ladoo

Mahua Ladoo

Mahua ladoos have been a little known tribal superfood made by the inhabitants of the dense forest regions of Nandurbar. The fragrant wildflower Mahua is rich in iron content and packed with micronutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins. Apart from its cooling and digestive properties, mahua ladoo has a fantastic flavour that will keep you coming back for more.

Varhadi Spicy Red Chilli Chutney

red chilli chutney

Any mention of homemade foods remains incomplete without reminiscing about the flavourful pickles, chutneys, and thechas that Aaji used to make and pack and send back to be eaten throughout the year. Aazol's vardhadi spicy red chilli chutney recreates this spicy tangy thecha that goes perfectly with thalipeeth, roti, zunka bhakri, and can even elevate a simple varan bhaat into a delightful meal.

Gahu Kurdai

Gahu Kurdai

Homemade foods come with a generous helping of handmade papads. While it may no longer be possible for you to make the fairly complicated gahu kurdai (sundried string papads) because of your busy lifestyle, Aazol can deliver the perfect papads right to your doorstep.

Aazol foods honours our enduring love of local and traditional food. Our endeavor is to bring you foods that retain the age-old recipes made from the freshest of ingredients and help achieve  your health goals. 

Author: Ankita Sirker