Tips For a Healthy Monsoon Season

Tips For a Healthy Monsoon Season

Enjoy the magic of monsoon, but don’t forget to take care of your immunity.

While the rains come with their own share of fun, beautiful greenery, misty mornings and lovely memories of splashing in the puddles and making paper-boats and eating hot bhuttas, they also come accompanied with the sniffles, seasonal colds and coughs and other myriad health concerns. So what are some of the age-old immunity building nuskas or tips that we can find in our grandma’s cupboard?

1. Vitamin C Rich Foods:

Vitamin C is the queen of immunity boosting vitamins and best of all it can be easily found, a mere arm’s length away, as soon as you open Dadima’s fridge. All citrus fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes and broccoli etc are rich sources of Vitamin C. However, the real powerhouse of Vitamin C is the humble Amla or Indian gooseberry. Amla has 20 times more vitamin C as compared to an orange. The Vitamin C in one tiny Amla is equivalent to about two medium oranges. Amla is not only a rich source of Vitamin C but also a great source of antioxidants, fibre and minerals. It helps improve digestion, reduce infections and speeds up the metabolism and flushes out toxins. Why not try Aazol’s amla gulkand after your meals this monsoon and judge the results for yourself?

Amla Gulkand

2. More Proteins:

The pitter patter of the rains, the cool breeze that blows in the overcast sky makes all of us feel like cuddling in our beds and having spicy, fried and hot snacks like vada pao and samosas. But as we all try to move towards healthier lifestyles and clean food choices why not replace these with more protein rich foods which are nutritious as well as super-filling to banish these unhealthy cravings? Mixed sprout salads, egg bhurji, kuleeth peeth chillas are all great (and tasty) ways to boost up your protein intake this monsoon in a healthy and clean way.

Kuleeth Peeth

3. Digestive Aids:

Tummy problems are one of the unhappy accompaniments to the lovely monsoon season. Gastrointestinal issues like upset stomachs and acidity are associated with the monsoon season due to bacterial infections and a slower digestion in high humidity conditions. Food poisoning can occur because of eating raw and undercooked foods contaminated with bacteria such as Salmonella and E. coli and drinking unhygienic water or eating with dirty hands. Probiotics such as yoghurt are a great natural source to keep the digestive juices flowing. Indian raitas like boondi raita, potato raita, poha dangar are tasty and heathy options to add variety to your meal instead of eating plain curd.

4. Herbal Teas & Soups:

Who doesn’t long for a hot cup of coffee or masala chai or a nice filling bowl of soup when the weather is inclement and there is a thunderstorm raging outside? Add ginger or cardamom to your cup of chai or make a turmeric infusion. For a tasty accompaniment add a mahua ladoo or a dink ladoo and the resultant energy boost you will get will make you want to dance along with the thunder and lightning outside and create your own version of the rain-dance!

These health tips will make sure you have an illness free monsoon and get to enjoy the magic only this season can bring with its positivity and regenerative spirit.

Finally, do remember that there is nothing better than homemade food, which is the best kind of food to have, to ensure top notch health and hygiene standards. Make delicious ghar ka khana using the homemade ingredients of Aazol or order homemade food online from some home chefs and home cooks who are a dial tone away.

Author: Apurva Purohit, Co-Founder | Aazol

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