Sweet Memories & Unique Flavours: Every Chutney Has a Story!

Sweet Memories & Unique Flavours: Every Chutney Has a Story!

My love affair with chutney goes far back into my childhood. My brother and I would spend our long, languid summer holidays at our Aazol with our grandparents. With endless chikkis and chaklis to munch on, we'd spend our days playing and sipping on a tender coconut.  

Aai and Aaji would be out back in the open, pickling up an assortment of vegetables and berries and making a variety of papads. Mealtimes were our favourite, though–simple rustic food elevated to a feast by Aaji's tangy and tasty chutneys. There was something quite magical about those chutneys, made from the freshest of ingredients and ground up on a large black grinding stone. 

To say that chutneys are a ubiquitous part of Maharashtrian cuisine is an understatement. The Maharashtrian food platter is incomplete without these. From the simple varan bhaat to the elegant Thalipeeth, everything can be made better with a serving of chutney. These thecha and chutney recipes have been passed down the generations and bring up an ocean of emotions, love, and nostalgia! Dip into (pun intended) some of the best-loved homemade chutneys, ready-to-eat and delivered to your doorstep by Aazol Foods. 

Solapuri Peanut Chutney

Solapuri Peanut Chutney

Finding its origins in Solapur, this exotic chutney has won the heart of every Indian. Solapur is known for its production of groundnuts or peanuts, and they feature quite commonly in the local cuisine. While Maharashtrian food is known for its bold flavours, the solapuri peanut chutney is a mildly pungent, nutty chutney that is best with thalipeeth, roti, and ghadichi poli. This chutney adds just the right amount of crunch and spice to complete your meal.

Dry Garlic Coconut Chutney

Dry Garlic Coconut Chutney

If there is one great love that all Maharashtrians share, it has to be their love of Vada Pav. What makes the Vada Pav special, though, is its dry garlic coconut chutney. It is a blast of flavours with a dry texture. Made from garlic and coconut, this chutney can be stored for a long time and served up with fried snacks served piping hot. Now that makes for good times with your families and friends, doesn't it?

Varhadi Spicy Red Chilli Chutney

Red Chilli Chutney

What can immediately spice up an everyday meal like Varan Bhaat or Zunka Bhakri? The people of Vidarbha have the perfect solution. The incredible varhadi red chilli chutney, made from garlic and red chillies, will have you licking your fingers. This is a very versatile thecha and goes with literally anything. Like the regional cuisine of Vidarbha, this chutney is spicy but chutney lovers are certainly not complaining!

Kolhapuri Green Chilli Chutney

Green Chilli Chutney

The Kolhapuri Green Chutney is the perfect amalgamation of simplicity, flavour, and taste. The green thecha of Aazol Foods binds together the spice, heat, and pungency of green chilli, coriander, and garlic. This authentic chutney completes every meal. Add it to your fish masala for heat, mix it with your chaas for tang, or use it as a spread with your rotis or toast. The hand-pounded kolhapuri green chilli chutney is simply irresistible.

Every chutney from Aazol has its own story to tell. It chronicles Maharashtra's humble yet interesting flavour profile. Aazol understands the importance of authentic homemade food from the state and brings you the feeling of being home. With our chutneys and thechas you can savour the stories that liven up every Marathi home and hearth.

Author: Ankita Sirker

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