Three bespoke made-to-order premium gift boxes. Each contains high-quality products housed within an elegantly designed box, evoking well-being and luxury. No matter the occasion, make people feel special.

Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki Gift Box

Aazol's bestseller and everyone's favourite. This melt in your mouth Chikki oozes flavour and natural goodness. Ideal to sweeten the mouths of loved ones during a celebratory occasion.

₹1,099 per gift box*

Artisanal Ladoos Gift Box

Aazol's handmade ladoos artfully placed within a golden shine. Mahua, Ragi and Dink come together to offer delight to every palate.

₹1,399 per gift box*

Classic Delicacies Gift Box

Aazol's traditional specialties, unique delights to emerge from the heart of rural India, presented in a crafted box. Brace for sensory overload.

₹1,599 per gift box*

*For 100 gift boxes.

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