The Right Way To Store Unpolished Rice

The Right Way To Store Rice

Nearly half of the world’s population eats rice as the primary staple and rice cultivation generates employment for billions of people in many countries. Global rice consumption is dominated by countries in the Asia-Pacific region, like China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Vietnam. While among different types of rice, aromatic rice occupy a small percentage of production, they possess excellent quality traits. This is because while the word aromatic literally means pleasant or sweet smelling, aromatic rice is far more than just its aroma. It is the soft texture, sweet taste and tenderness which makes aromatic rice class apart in all spheres. 

When we think of fragrant rice most of us immediately think of Basmati, probably because it is widely available now and has been promoted for decades as the perfect variety for all rice dishes like biryanis and pulaos. But the reality is that there are many more fragrant rice varieties grown across the Indian subcontinent and the world. And many of them are healthier and tastier, apart from being environmentally conscious since they are endemic varieties and suit the cultivation needs of their regions.

For example, Indrayani is a hybrid version of the Ambemohar rice, an indigenous variety of rice grown in Maharashtra. Favoured by gourmand for hundreds of years due to its aroma and sweet taste Ambemohar has great taste and a sweet aroma. But, it also has some shortcomings like a low yield and susceptibility to pests and diseases.

The original Indrayani chawal, a medium grain native rice was created by crossing the Ambemohar with a high-yielding variety (157 IR8)  and named after the river that flows through the Sahyadri mountains. It’s now a staple in most traditional Marathi homes, and a favourite with grandmothers who feed fussy kids little pellets of rice mixed with desi ghee and Metkoot (lentil spice mix) or make a delicious kheer out of it.

Aazol's Unpolished Indrayani Rice is a highly aromatic native variety of unpolished rice with a unique sticky texture. Sourced from a collective of natural farmers in one of Maharashtra's tribal belts, the unique qualities of this organic Indrayani Rice make it the ideal choice in everything from curries and dals to pulao and sweet dishes. It is the best unpolished rice online currently.

While buying rice in bulk or buying unpolished rice online, know how to store it for the long term.

  • Choosing the Right Container : 

> Begin by selecting the right container for your unpolished rice. 

> Airtight containers are indispensable in creating a barrier against moisture and preventing pests from infiltrating. Opt for containers crafted from materials such as glass, plastic, or metal, ensuring they come equipped with tight-fitting lids to maintain a secure seal. 

> The emphasis on airtightness is paramount in safeguarding the rice from external elements that could compromise its integrity..

  • Keep it Cool and Dry: 

> Maintaining an optimal storage environment is equally crucial. Choose a cool and dry location that is shielded from direct sunlight. 

> Exposure to sunlight can accelerate the deterioration of rice quality. 

> Likewise, steer clear of areas with high humidity or heat sources, as these conditions can foster mold growth. Consistency in temperature is key, as drastic fluctuations can result in moisture condensation within the storage container. 

> Some individuals employ additional measures by introducing rock salt and a few whole chillies to the rice, aiming to enhance storage conditions of Unpolished Indrayani Rice.

  • Avoid Temperature Fluctuations:

> Keep the storage area at a consistent temperature. Avoid drastic temperature changes, as they can lead to moisture condensation inside the container.

> Some people add some rock salt and 2-3 whole chillies to the rice to improve storage conditions.

  • Use Desiccants:

> Place moisture-absorbing packets or desiccants in the rice container to help maintain dryness.

  • Check for Pests:

> Before storing unpolished rice, ensure that it is free from insects or larvae. You can freeze the rice for a few days before transferring it to storage to kill any potential pests.

  • Rotate Stock:

> Implementing a "first in, first out" system is a prudent strategy to ensure the freshness of your rice stock. Prioritize the use of older rice before newer purchases, minimizing the chances of any rice going unused for an extended period. 

> Additionally, storing rice in smaller quantities is advisable, as it contributes to maintaining the overall freshness of unpolished rice. This approach prevents exposure to air and environmental factors, further preserving the quality of the rice.

  • Store in Small Quantities:

> If possible, store rice in smaller quantities. This helps in maintaining the overall freshness of the unpolished rice.

  • Avoid Strong Odours:

> Keep unpolished rice away from strong-smelling items, as unpolished rice can absorb odours easily.

Following the guidelines mentioned above, will ensure the preservation of nutritional integrity and flavour, allowing you to enjoy the wholesome qualities of Indrayani rice over an extended period. In conclusion, proper storage of unpolished rice involves a combination of container selection, environmental considerations, and preventive measures against moisture and pests. 

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