Gulkand Amla Story

Gulkand with Amla and the stories of a family
I still remember how I would insist on licking the Gulkand when everyone sat around at the dinner table enjoying a homemade paan made by my aunts. At every family gathering, after the 'heavy' food, we Gujjus love indulging in, lethargy would kick in and the first thing that would crop in our heads would be to eat more food, oops, not food, but a paan. My kaki grew betel leaf at home. The variety was the slightly bitter one called Maggai. Small roundish and almost heart-shaped leaves in a bright green colour.

People sometimes get fooled by their innocuous looks but they indeed pack in a punch. And to avoid that punchiness, I would insist on having only Gulkand.

Somehow, the fragrance was more intoxicating than the sweet taste and the haziness that comes with good food, and having a loving family around created its own special magic. Eventually, as I grew up, I started enjoying Maggai Paan too, but not without my gulkand.

But over the years I stopped having gulkand entirely, fearing its sugar content until recently, Aazol came up with the most innovative yet traditional post-meal digestive – the Amla Gulkand, a Mukhwas which can be enjoyed guilt-free as the benefits surpass its sugar content very clearly.

History of the very Indian Amla Murabba and the very Indo-Persian Gulkand :

Amla is known as one of the foods high in Vitamin C and has been part of the Indian diet since time immemorial. As per Hindu Mythology, while meditating intensely on Lord Vishnu, Lord Brahma had tears rolling down his eyes. When these tears fell on the ground, the amla tree was born. And making amla murabba from these small, tart fruits is among the best ways to enjoy it. You get all the benefits of amla sweetly. And kids love it too.

Gulkand or Gulqand is believed to be an Indo-Persian product originating around 900 B.C. A naturally cooling post-meal sweet treat that is a must-have during summers, Gulkand is ayurveda recommended, and we have been enjoying its benefits forever.

Our SHG producer has simply and effectively combined two great preserves to give us double the benefits. Both are sun-cooked, have a sticky texture, and can be used in more ways than one. And now you can very easily buy Amla Gulkand online to satisfy your sweet cravings in a healthy way.

Benefits of  Amla Gulkand:

  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Purifies blood
  • Good for digestion
  • Helps with menstrual problem
  • Natural coolant
Benefits of amla gulkand

Here are some benefits specific to gulkand and amla murabba.


Amla Gulkand

Treats acidity and heartburn

Good Source of Minerals

Removes toxins

Arthritic Pain

Helps in better sleep

Helps in pregnancy

Lowers sugar cravings

Rich source of iron 

Guava Punch with a twist!

Recently, at an impromptu get-together at home, we challenged one other to come up with a different and unique recipe on the spot. The rules were that everyone had to use whatever was available in the pantry only, and strictly not rush out to buy anything. The chaos that ensued was worth watching and even though it was my home, I lost, which had everyone laughing.

It was my sister who came up with a superb scintillating mocktail. Later, after trying out everyone's poor attempts, settling down to sip on this delicious Amla Gulkand and Guava Punch really refreshed us. 


2 cups chopped guava, de-skinned & de-seeded

2-3 teaspoons Aazol's Amla Gulkand

2 teaspoon ginger juice

2 pinch red chilli powder

2 pinch pink salt

2 tablespoon lemon juice

500 milliliters club soda


  • In a blender, combine guava, add 2 tbsp water, and blend to a fine puree
  • Now, combine guava mix, Aazol's Amla Gulkand, ginger, red chilli powder, salt, and lemon juice in a jug or bowl and mix everything well
  • Add club soda just before serving and mix
  • Portion out in glasses and serve
  • New innovative ways to use the Amla Gulkand mouth freshener at home
    Facts about amla gulkand


    New innovative ways to use the Amla Gulkand mouth freshener at home

    As a family, we all love to have it in our own particular ways.

    1. You can spread it on warm toasted bread and enjoy it like a jam
    2. It is an ideal mouth freshener for bad breath if you have it daily after dinner mixed with warm water
    3. You can also enjoy it with dairy-free vanilla ice cream
    4. Sometimes you can add the amla gulkand to the sweet, tangy chutney prepared for a chat

    Amla Gulkand has a multitude of uses, unveiling a world of versatility and delectable flavours. Its irresistible taste not only captivates your palate but also sparks creativity, inspiring continuous exploration of novel ways to incorporate this healthy blend of Paan Mukhwas and Amla Murabba into your culinary repertoire. 

    A word of caution: Refrain from blending it with dairy milk or any other dairy-based product. Keep it simple, and the possibilities are endless.

    Despite the diverse applications, my personal preference has always been straightforward – savouring a spoonful directly from the Amla Rose Gulkand Mukhwas bottle. This simple act becomes a nostalgic journey, transporting me back to the cherished moments around my family's dining table. The reminiscence of those delightful evenings, filled with laughter and camaraderie, adds an extra layer of sweetness to the Amla Gulkand experience.

    In every spoonful, there's not just a delectable fusion of flavours but a connection to familial warmth and shared joy. It's a testament to the enduring power of simple pleasures and the ability of Amla Gulkand to elevate ordinary moments into something extraordinary. 

    So, whether you're exploring culinary innovations or simply indulging in the pure joy of relishing this unique combination, Amla Gulkand invites you to create your own stories, blending tradition with contemporary enjoyment. Each taste becomes a celebration of family, flavour, and the timeless appeal of Amla Gulkand.

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