Papads: Story, History and Flavours

Papads: Story, History and Flavours

Celebrate the delight of papads - the crunchy, mouthwatering Indian speciality that satisfies all the senses! With their crispy crunch sound, delicious flavors, and incredible variety, papads are an unmatched culinary experience. Unlike Western snacks like chips and crisps, there's simply nothing that compares to the taste and texture of a perfectly crafted papad. So the next time you're craving a truly satisfying snack, treat yourself to the most flavorsome papads - you won't be disappointed!

Fascinating History of Papads

Papad, an integral part of many meals in India has a fascinating history. Dating back to 500 BC records show that this humble condiment comes with its own variants - Appalam in Tamilnadu, Appadam in Andhra Pradesh and Pappadalm etc. Even now it is made the traditional way at home. Interestingly enough the word 'Papdum' can be traced all the way back to Sanskrit which means flat disc! Not only are papads from dals/lentils but also tapioca potatoes and prawns - like Chinese shrimp crackers for example! It's truly remarkable how people used resources wisely by drying vegetables seasonally during trade journeys as documented by food historian K T Achaya.

In South India, the papad was first introduced to the market in 1915 by Aiyappan, a man from Kerala who was struggling financially. He began selling bundles of 100 papadams wrapped in banana leaves, eventually expanding his business with the help of his son. The brand Ambika Appalam Depot was born and soon, people all over India were enjoying papadams as a tasty snack.

But the history of Papad doesn't end there! In North India, papad-badiyas were one of the 32 businesses established by Guru Ramdas Ji in Amritsar about 400 years ago. Today, the delicious taste of papadams is popular all over the world. From the small town of Amritsar to bustling Mumbai and beyond, papad-making has become a mainstay of many households and businesses.

Aazol Papad

Did you know that papadams have been enjoyed for over 5,000 years? That's right! The ancient Indus Valley civilization made a flatbread called "paryushan" using lentil flour that was fried and enjoyed as a snack. Today, papadams are enjoyed in many countries worldwide, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and more. So next time you bite into a crispy papadam, remember the rich history and cultural significance behind this beloved snack!

Gahu Kurdai: Whole-wheat String Papad

The goodness of Aazol's Gahu Kurdai, sun-dried string papad made from fermented whole wheat batter will make your taste buds dance with joy. Every morsel of this delicious papad is made with love and utmost care. The grain is soaked for days, and the dough is processed to produce the perfect disc of concentric 'strings' through the patient press-and-turn of the chakli press. When roundels are sun-dried in courtyards and terraces, they transform into a light and airy kurdai that is deep-fried to perfection. Serve it as a wholesome accompaniment to your favorite curry or vegetable dish, and watch it fluff up delightfully to double its size! Enjoy a heavenly experience with Aazol's Gahu Kurdai today.

Gahu Kurdai

Gahu Kurdai Bhel Video


Aaji's Favourite Papads: Batata | Nachni | Poha

The crispy part of Maharashtrian cuisine is best explored Aaji's Favourite Papads. The winning trio of Batata (potato), Nachni (finger millet) and Poha (flattened rice) are perfect to deep fry to a crisp and enjoy alongside any vegetable dish, curry or dal rice. Papad is a crucial element to a delicious meal and an essential in any home. The homemade batches are rolled by hand with select seasonings and left to dehydrate in direct sunlight on terraces. Complete your perfect meal with Aaji's Favourite Papads.


Aaji Fav Papad

Poha Mirgund: Spiced Poha Papad

You can taste a slice of heaven with Poha Mirgund - Konkan's beloved papad made from flattened rice dough, spiced to perfection, and cut into mini rectangles. Sizzle it up and enjoy as a crunchy evening snack or pair it with your favourite curry rice for a finger-licking meal. Mirgund or rice flake crisps are the crowning jewels of traditional Konkani cuisine, especially sought-after during the monsoons. Together with sun-dried khare, jawla, sode, and sukat, they add a burst of flavor, even in seasons when fresh catch is hard to come by. So, why wait? Indulge in the deliciousness, celebrate the season, and enjoy the magic of Konkani culture through its vibrant produce roster!


Poha Mirgud

Health Benefits of Papad:

Even though we have papads in limited quantity, the homemade and sun-dried variety of papad have some health benefits, like - 

  • Rich in Fiber.
  • Contains protein and other good nutrients.
  • Promotes metabolism.
  • Prevents gastric issues.



Papad has a healthy probiotic that promotes the growth of good gut bacteria. It produces enzymes and juices that help to digest food and boost your metabolism. So, whether you enjoy it as a snack or as a part of your Indian-style meal, you can't resist its irresistible crunch and flavor.

At Aazol, we love to enjoy the above three varieties of papads in our own unique ways. So, what are you waiting for? Grab a pack of papad and indulge in its deliciousness while reaping its incredible health benefits. Trust us, your taste buds and your body will thank you for it!

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