Papads: Story, History and Flavours

Papads: Story, History and Flavours

In the colourful tapestry of Indian cuisine, one culinary delight that stands out with its unique crunch and diverse flavours is none other than the humble papad. Primarily fried in oil, papads are versatile, serving as both accompaniments and snacks. 


The versatility of papads has led to creative adaptations, with chefs incorporating them into fusion dishes and international cuisines. As a result, papads are not just an integral part of Indian homes but have also found a place on the global culinary stage.

Papads are crafted from a variety of ingredients, with lentils, chickpea flour, rice flour, and even potato being common base materials. The dough is meticulously prepared, seasoned with an array of spices such as cumin, black pepper, and ajwain, each region adding its unique twist. Once the dough is ready, it is shaped into thin, circular discs, ready to undergo the sun-drying process.

Fascinating History of Papads

Papad, an essential part of numerous Indian meals, boasts a captivating history dating back to 500 BC. Historical records reveal its various regional variants, such as Appalam in Tamilnadu, Appadam in Andhra Pradesh, and Pappadam, reflecting the diversity of Indian cuisine. The practice of preparing homemade papads continues, demonstrating a commitment to time-honoured methods.

Remarkably, the term 'Papadum' finds its roots in Sanskrit, meaning a flat disc. These crispy delights aren't limited to lentils alone; they can be crafted from tapioca, potatoes, and even prawns, reminiscent of Chinese shrimp crackers. 

In 1915, Aiyappan, a struggling man from Kerala, introduced papads to the market in South India. He initially sold bundles of 100 papadams wrapped in banana leaves. With his son's assistance, he expanded the business, giving rise to the renowned brand Ambika Appalam Depot. The popularity of papadams as a delectable snack quickly spread across India.

The history of papads extends to North India, where papad-wadiyan were established about 400 years ago in Amritsar by Guru Ramdas Ji. 

Today, the delicious taste of papads transcends geographical boundaries. From Amritsar to bustling Mumbai, papad-making has become a household and business tradition.

No Maharashtrian Thali is complete without papads, a culinary tradition deeply rooted in the region's diverse cuisine. In the olden days, every household during summers would make a variety of papads in quantities that would last them the whole year. Be it the making of the most loved poha mirgund, spiced poha papad, the laborious hand-churned gahu kurdai or everybody’s favourite sabudana and potato papads. These homemade papad varieties add a delightful crunch to meals.

So, the next time one indulges on a crispy papad, they can reflect on the rich history and cultural significance embedded in this beloved snack.

Aazol Papad

Let’s explore the authentic assortment of Maharashtrian Papads offered by Aazol.


Gahu Kurdai: Whole-wheat String Papad

The goodness of Aazol's Gahu Kurdai, crafted from fermented whole wheat batter and sun-dried into delicate string papads, promises to delight your taste buds. The wheat grain is soaked for days, then meticulously processed to form perfect concentric 'strings' using a chakli press.

After being sun-dried in courtyards and terraces, these roundels transform into light, airy kurdai, fried to crispy perfection. This unique papad, made solely from ground whole wheat batter and salt, undergoes an elaborate process stretched across several days. This unique papad is a Maharashtra specialty, perfect as a wholesome accompaniment to your favourite curry or vegetable dish.

Gahu Kurdai



Aaji's Favourite Papads: Batata | Nachni | Poha

This variety pack has three papad varieties in one, giving flavour and a crunch every time one eats them. Nachni is a grain, potato is a root veggie and poha is a version of flattened rice. So not only are the spices added to them different, but the base ingredients used are different too.

A winning combination of Batata (potato), Ragi (finger millet) and Poha (flattened rice), this variety based offering has been a big success with our customers who find it an ideal crispy accompaniment to pair with any vegetable dishes, curries or dal rice. These homemade papads are infused with carefully selected seasonings and left to dehydrate in the warm sunlight on terraces. Aaji's favourite papads elevate the dining experience as a perfect meal accompaniment with a different crunch in every bite!.


Aaji Fav Papad

Poha Mirgund: Spiced Poha Papad

A cherished papad from the Konkan region, Poha Mirgund is made from flattened rice dough, expertly seasoned and cut into mini rectangles. These bite-sized rectangle papads can be roasted on an open flame or fried in oil. One can also choose to microwave them making it a healthy papad option.

This unique Maharashtrian papad variety can be enjoyed with rice - curry or as a sizzling hot crunchy evening snack with a dip or the Maharashtrian thecha. These homemade delights from the Konkan region are sun-dried, adding an authentic touch to their preparation. Why eat Nachos when you have this great Indian snack to dip into your sauce or salsa?


Poha Mirgud

Health Benefits of Papad:

Aazol's papads showcase that deliciousness can be coupled with nutritional value. These homemade papads are not just indulging but have some health benefits as well. Papad serves as a beneficial probiotic, fostering the growth of beneficial gut bacteria. It generates enzymes and juices that aid in food digestion and enhance metabolism. Additional health benefits offered by papads include -
Rich in Fiber
Contains protein
Low in calories
Gluten-free options


Papads are not just a one-dimensional accompaniment; they come in a symphony of flavours that cater to diverse palates.
For those seeking the convenience of online papad shopping, our collection is the ideal option. With just a few clicks, you can explore the variety and make papad purchases online. Aazol offers free shipping and COD across India. Browse through our Maharashtrian papad selection at
After all, the joy on a plate is certainly enhanced with the addition of crunchy delights like papads on the side!

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