Kokum Agal – Your Sour Power for Summer

Kokum Agal – Your Sour Power for Summer
Kokum agal


Summers in India are sultry and humid and can last long. Summers are also the time when we all had extended vacations most of which were spent at our granny's home, where we didn't have the latest cool drinks or for that matter ACs and other modern cooling devices, but we certainly had Kokum Agal (kokum fruit juice) !

As kids, we stayed in the sun, played, explored and created memories we hold dear even today. Those days may never come back, but we can relive those memories by returning to the healthier foods which we have grown up on.

One such popular and effective summer drink is Kokum Sherbet. In an era of drinks that come in single-use bottles, having a homemade cooling Kokum Agal Juice might sound like a novelty. But with Aazol's Kokum Agal that is your Sour Power this Summer you can have a glass daily.

Kokum Agal Origins in Konkan and across India 

Garcinia Indica is  the medicinal name of the Kokum, a tree that thrives in the country's tropical climate. It is an evergreen tree with purplish-red berries. In Maharashtra, it grows in the Western Ghats abundantly. The Kokum from Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg region of Konkan is very famous and is used as a souring agent here. It is known as Amrut Kokum for its medicinal values and disease-preventing properties. Almost the whole fruit is used to add a tangy flavour to food or as a base for sherbet, candies, and chutneys.

The fruit is dried, and the skin is powdered or used whole. The ripe fruit has a sweet but acidic flavour. The kokum syrup made with sugar is a popular sherbet base, especially during summer. For us Aazol's Kokum Agal meaning is healthier - a pure fruit extract is without sugar or salt. In a liquid form, this souring agent has all the benefits of the fruit in an easy-to-use bottle.

Journey of kokum

Having Kokum Agal Benefits You During the Hot Summer Months

In the Konkan, the summers are severe, and the winters are mild; hence Kokum Agal is used throughout the year, even the Kokum tree is an evergreen one. Primarily Kokum Agal uses are many - during the summers in various ways to fight the soaring temperatures, keeping the body cool and aiding the digestive system. You can have a cooling sherbet or sol kadhi, add it to dals or curries, use it as a marinade for seafood, or simply have a spoonful.

There are many more recipes and ways to enjoy it, which we will explore further.

Kokum Nutrient Value

Nutrient Percentage content
Protein 1.92
Crude fat 10.00
Crude fibre 14.28
Carbohydrates 35.00
Starch 1.00
Pigments 2.40
Tannins 2.85
 Pectin 5.71
Ascorbic acid 0.06
Hydroxyl citric acid 22.80


Kokum Agal Benefits

Here is why it is called a functional food or amrut (life enhancer). Garcinol, the most active ingredient in Kokum, is an anti-bacterial, anti-viral and antioxidant agent.

  • Functional food & medicinal properties

Kokum's ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorption Capacity) value – a measure of the antioxidant score of any food – is very high. Multiple studies have shown that garcinol from Kokum suppresses carcinogenesis (cancer growth) by inhibiting the enzymes promoting cancerous cell development.

  • Immunity Booster

Kokum agal helps you fight pesky infections. Packed with natural anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, this agal can be used topically and orally to keep your body healthy and happy. And that's not all - recent studies have shown that this wonder fruit may even help reduce unwanted allergies in your gut.

  • Helps in Weight Management

Say goodbye to your hunger pangs with Kokum Agal, which will aid in weight loss! Packed with Hydroxycitric Acid, Kokum is a great appetite suppressant. The fruit is also a great source of fibre, which makes you feel full and satisfied. It is said that it even stops the conversion of carbohydrates into fats, making it a potent ingredient for weight management.

  • Kokum Agal is Naturally Cooling

Sipping on a glass of Kokum juice cools you down and gives you an energy boost like no other. Plus, dehydration doesn't stand a chance against this natural coolant.

  • Good for Heart Health

This low-calorie fruit will satisfy your taste buds and keep your heart healthy. With its rich fibre content and potent antioxidant properties, and cholesterol-free! The minerals in Kokum, such as magnesium, potassium, and manganese, help regulate blood pressure and protect your heart.


Benefits of Kokum Agal
  • Reduces Anxiety and Depression

Kokum Agal is packed with flavonoids, hydroxy citric acid, garcinol, and anthocyanins that work together to increase serotonin levels in your brain. Hence it helps fight anxiety and depression and makes a person happier and more relaxed.

  • Improves Digestion System

For centuries, Kokum Agal has been used in Ayurvedic medicine to soothe acid reflux and reduce symptoms like heartburn. It's easy to incorporate into your routine - make some sol kadhi with kokum agal with meals to prevent and treat indigestion and acidity.

  • Kokum Agal Protects from Cancer

The powerful antioxidants in Kokum are believed to have  anti-carcinogenic properties and eliminate free radicals that could lead to cancer.

  • Helps in the Management of Diabetes

Kokum Agal has potent antioxidant and insulin booster properties. It helps prevent blood glucose spikes but also supports in managing diabetes 

  • Fights Gastric Ulcers

Kokum agal fights off free radicals and shields your gastric cells from harm, ensuring that nasty ulcers never have a chance to form.


Buy Kokum Agal

Kokum Agal: Pure Fruit Extract - 250ml/500ml


A fruit which is merely known as a souring agent has so many benefits that it is almost called an elixir for life. Kokum Agal (kokum fruit juice), a summer must-have in many forms and ways, is the purest kokum extract. It is without any added sugar or salt and can be a permanent addition to your pantry, and that too, not just for summer but all year around. Buy Kokum Agal online here. 


Author: Jinal Aidasani

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