How to make Gond ke Laddu

How to make gond ke laddu

Gond Laddu or Dink Ladoo is a winter delicacy made in different parts of the country. Known to have healing properties, Gond gives warmth to the body and is believed to have immunity boosting benefits, which help keep minor colds and chills away.

Gond ke ladoo

Here is a simple recipe to make Dry fruit Gond ke Laddu, a premium variety of the normal Dink Ladoo.

Preparation time: 50 Minutes

Serving size: 10 ladoos


  1. 2 bowls Black dry dates
  2. 2 bowls Dry Coconut
  3. ½ Bowl Gond
  4. 1 Bowl Cashews
  5. 1 bowl Almonds
  6. ! bowl Poppy seeds
  7. ½ Bowl green pistachios
  8. 2 Bowls Desi Ghee
  9. 1 Bowl Jaggery
  10. 1 Teaspoon Cardamom and Nutmeg mixed



  1. Clean the dry dates and separate the seeds
  2. Cut the coconut into small pieces and roast it mildly
  3. Grind dates and roasted coconut together
  4. Fry the gond in two tablespoons of desi ghee for crispness and keep it aside
  5. Heat the balance ghee in a big pan and add jaggery pieces to it
  6. Let this mixture heat up till it becomes a sticky liquid paste. Keep on slow burner so that it doesn’t burn or stick to the base and continue stirring till it reaches a level of consistency.
  7. Switch off the gas.
  8. Pound cardamom and nutmeg and add the powder to this paste
  9. Roast the poppy seeds slightly in a non-stick pan
  10. Cut and pound the cashews, almonds, pistachios and roasted poppy seeds into a coarse mixture and add to the paste
  11. Now crush and add the gond to it
  12. Mix all the ingredients together several times with your hands till all the ingredients are properly mixed with each other
  13. Divide into 10 equal parts and shape into ladoos with your hands, greased in ghee
  14. Store in an air tight container

You can buy the gond online and roast it and keep it in case you want to store the balance. The Dry Fruit Dink Ladoo is a great option to serve guests during winter times or to eat as a high energy gondh snack for you and your family.

Dink ladoo has also been traditionally given to women after child birth since it has energy giving and lactation boosting properties. It has been considered an ayurvedic super food in all parts of the country for generations.

There are several reasons why eating Gond ke laddu is recommended to a new mother. Gond ke laddu contain many nutrients, such as iron, Vitamin A, calcium, proteins, sugar, fibre, saturated fats, carbohydrates, sodium, combined fats, etc. They aid recovery after child birth. The nutrients are also passed down to the baby through breastfeeding. Therefore, a portion of this nutritional snack is invariably included in the post-delivery diet.

The warmth giving effect these laddus have is quite special, which makes them a great choice in winters as well. As mentioned they are recommended to new moms and form part of the post-natal traditional foods that mothers and mother in laws will feed the new mother and also given to the elderly, and even kids. These laddus make for a quick and healthy snack in their dabbas. Not only are they tasty, but they also provide the little ones energy that can carry them through the day.

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