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    When we talk about the traditional food of Maharashtra, we think of tastefully made sweets like modak, karanji and shrikhand served as prasad or offerings to the gods. We also think about snacks like vada pav, shankar pada, chakli, chivda and more. But when we started Aazol, we discovered that traditional Maharashtrian food was far more expansive and closer to nature and to our ancient roots than the foods mentioned earlier. As Aazol took shape, we found a treasure trove of food items to be added in the ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook category for you. Out of the never-ending list of possibilities, the following products attracted us and became our most unique and special star offerings.

    Aazol's Star Products are amongst the best Maharashtrian food we have come across so far.

    Home Orchard-grown Mango Pickle

    The quintessential aam ka achar is made with mangoes from the Bhil tribal community's sarpanch's home-orchard in Dhule. The orchard produces an unknown local variety which converts into a flavourful lip-smacking lonche or pickle using a traditional recipe. During the summertime, the pickling process is started so that the mangoes are freshly picked and sun-dried to preserve for year-long consumption. The SHG consists of a group of Bhil Adivasi tribe members. Have this mango pickle with piping hot dal rice or add a zing to your paratha and sabzi with this pickle. Or get creative and use this grainy mixture to marinate meat and cook it. There are many ways to enjoy this pickle, and  to top it, it is packed with vitamins A, C and E.

    Soft Coconut Jaggery Chikki

    Remember having peanut or coconut chikki while travelling by train on the way to your 'Aazol - your maternal grandparents' home'?  We do, and to recreate the same magic, the soft coconut jaggery chikki was made by one of Aazol's SHGs. Made with only two ingredients, the all kalpvriksh or wish-fulfilling tree's fruit and mineral-rich liquid jaggery. It is our desi energy bar. The coconut burfi is kinder to your teeth because of its crumbly texture and can be enjoyed by all. Made by our Konkan-based SHG, who have perfected the art of creating perfectly square, individually packed chikkis that can be enjoyed anytime. You get the following health benefits too.

    • Good for bone health
    • Rich in copper and iron
    • Packed with minerals

    Kaakvi: Liquid Jaggery

    Kaakvi is obtained by a slow boiling process to make a thick liquid jaggery from raw sugarcane juice. As the least processed natural by-product of sugarcane juice, it makes this one of the most nutritionally dense sweeteners. The consistency and colour make it an ideal substitute for caramelised sugar or any other sweet syrup. Liquid jaggery benefits are not just nutritional but also medicinal. This brown gold liquid is sourced directly from the sugarcane belt of Maharashtra. You get the following health benefits too.

    • Removes Impurities
    • Energy inducing
    • Aids Digestion

    Poha Dangar: Raita Mix

    A rare and unique product comes from the Thanjavur Maharashtrians, a group with roots in two great states of India. The poha dangar – raita mix can be called a close cousin of the famed paruppu podi or dry chutney from Tamil Nadu. A tasty blend of poha dangar and spices, it can be used in raita with some veggies to elevate its flavour. Temper the raita mix and enjoy with bhakri, thecha and sabzi to complete a meal. Our Konkan-based SHG makes an actual hidden star product out of it. You get the following health benefits too.

    • Good Probiotics
    • Rich in Iron

    Amla Gulkand: Vitamin C-rich Cooling Digestive

    Amla Gulakand is a match made in heaven with multiple nutritional benefits and a fragrant sweet taste. The pink rose petals and amla mixed with ayurvedic praval is an ideal post-meal dessert. Better yet, make a paan with this gulkand to enjoy as a post meal digestive sweet treat. Maharashtra has a sweet preserve called Moravla which inspired this product. Our favourite gulkand comes from our Konkan-based SHG. You get the following health benefits too.

    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Immunity Booster
    • Fights menstrual problems.

    Mahua Ladoo: Forest Flower and Jaggery Nutriballs

    Mahua ladoo are made with fragrant and rare mahua flowers from a little know flowering tree, which is revered in the northern region of Maharashtra. The mahua flower is mixed with jaggery, peanut and ambadi flowers to make a guilt-free sweet for you. The tribals of the Nandurbar belt make this delicacy which also has therapeutic benefits. The flowers are naturally sweet and have cooling properties—an authentic hinterland Maharashtrian food item from our SHG in northern Maharashtra. You get the following benefits too.

    • Packed with vitamins, calcium and phosphorus
    • Cooling properties
    • Aid in digestion

    Dink Ladoo: High-energy Gondh Snack

    A traditional dink ladoo or gond ka laddu recipe made with edible tree gum, spices, ghee and nuts. A must-have for all new mothers as it is considered a postpartum superfood. The gum is extracted from the tragacanth shrub. Ayurveda considers dink to have medicinal properties too. It is a guilt-free sweet snack for a post-meal energy boost. It is a much preferred ladoo during winters to keep you warm. Our Pune-based SHG handcrafts the ladoos. You get the following benefits too.

    • Improves Vitamin D levels
    • Prevents cold and cough
    • Anti–ageing properties

    Jumbo Black Raisins: Nashik's Famed Seedless Kismis

    They are big, juicy, sweet-tart and come directly from the grape capital of India. Did you know that the black raisins soaked in water overnight benefits are many? You can have these pre-soaked kismis in the morning on an empty stomach to clear constipation and get better skin and lustrous hair. Or have a handful as a post-meal sweet treat to curb your cravings with something super healthy and delicious. Made by drying in the sun directly, Aazol sources these kismis from Nashik. You get the following health benefits too.

    • Iron-rich
    • Immunity booster
    • Reduces acidity

    Kokum Agal: Pure Fruit Extract

    This is not the typical kokum juice available elsewhere since this kokum agal is pure, has no added sugar, salt or preservatives. Made only and only with pure kokum fruit, this souring agent has been part of the Maharashtrian food palate for centuries, especially in the Konkan region. Also, used to make Kokum sherbet or Konkani favourite Sol Kadhi, which is made with coconut milk. This natural digestive drink is greatly enjoyed during the summers. Aazol's Kokum Agal comes from the Konkan region of Maharashtra. You get the following health benefits too.

    • Good for the liver
    • Elevates mood
    • Aids Digestion

    Bhardi: Traditional Baby Porridge

    A baby porridge recipe, bhardi is homemade by Maharashtra's mothers to give their babies strength and nutrition. A mix of dal, cereals, nuts, seeds, and dry fruits, this porridge has all the vitamins, minerals, proteins and healthy fats for a baby's muscle development and to build its immunity. It can be a light and tasty breakfast or snack for adults too. Bhardi is made with love and affection by our Konkan-based SHG. You get the following benefits too

    • Easy to digest
    • Fibre-rich
    • Builds immunity
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